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PREMIUM ROBOTICS GmbH was founded in March 2017. The team consists of experienced automation experts and young developers from the fields of robotics, gripping technology, image processing and control technology. In the immediate vicinity of the Fraunhofer Institutes and the University of Stuttgart, we are a company focused on growth that knows no shortage of skilled workers.

The management

The management is carried out by Dr. Andreas Wolf, the long-standing managing director of robomotion GmbH. Together with his team and employees of robomotion GmbH, significant technical hurdles were overcome in the first two years. The strategic orientation of the company is carried out by the management with the help of an externally staffed advisory board, which is at home in the world of logistics.

The team

The interdisciplinary team of PREMIUM ROBOTICS consists of engineers from different disciplines. The focus is on application development for the various practical applications. The developer of the roll-on gripper could also be recruited by Fraunhofer IPA for PREMIUM ROBOTICS. The engineers have been there since the start and take care of the further development of the gripper and the image processing. In recent years, self-learning methods and artificial intelligence have been incorporated into the processes.


The core competencies of PREMIUM ROBOTICS lie in the areas of gripping technology, control of gripper and robot movement and image processing for the localization of goods. These core topics, together with other aspects such as safety technology or intermediate layer handling, form a modular system with which the respective solutions can be individually designed for the customer.